「着けてgood moodになれるもの、みんながgood moodになれるもの。」を作りたい、という想いで名付けたGood Mood designのジュエリーブランドMOODは、売り上げの一部を動物保護団体に寄付することで、いきものみんなにとってより良いものづくりを目指しています。

With a unique design that can be worn by all genders, each piece is carefully produced by hand by skilled craftsmen, who value the quality and appearance of each piece.

MOOD aims to create jewelry that will last not only for the “now” but also for a long life together.

We want to create jewelry that can be worn and put in a good mood, and that can put everyone in a good mood. MOOD, a jewelry brand by Good Mood design, named after the desire to create jewelry that “can be worn in a good mood and that everyone can be in a good mood,” aims to create better products for all living things by donating a portion of the sales to animal protection organizations.

店舗名 Good Mood design
代表 植草 淳那
住所 〒657-0817
Tel 078-891-3679